How to Hide Followers on Instagram – Easy Ways

Not everyone on Instagram wants to make their updates available to each of their followers. Many users want to know how to hide followers on Instagram. There is no straightforward way to disguise your IG followers fully. But you can use techniques like making your account private or blocking users on Instagram.


The latter is for those with public accounts who cannot make it private. You must first understand the basics of Instagram’s privacy settings to find out how to hide your followers appropriately. This article will cover various ways to boost your privacy by hiding followers on Instagram.


What Are Public and Private Profiles on Instagram?


A public profile on Instagram is open to everyone. It implies that any person can see your content and follow your page. You do not need to approve them for becoming your follower. This kind of profile is generally used by businesses and influencers who want to connect to many people.


A private profile on Instagram restricts the viewing of content to only specific people whom you approve of following you. This type of profile is used by ordinary people who want a more private profile.


Hide Followers on Instagram - Methods to Know


There are a few methods to conceal your following on this social media. These are explained here.

Configure a private IG account.


The first method to hide your list of followers from those who aren’t subscribed to you is to configure your account as private. You will find your following available solely for your followers.


POINT TO NOTE: If you desire to set your account private but want to gain more followers, add a self-presentation on the bio. Introduce yourself in the best possible manner in this self-presentation.


Set your account on Instagram private with these points:


  • Launch the application.
  • Now, touch the three horizontal lines. They are in the upper-right part.
  • Choose ‘Settings.’
  • Next, tap the ‘Privacy’ option.
  • Move the slider or tap the switch beside ‘Private Account.’
  • Tap ‘Switch to Private’ to confirm this action.
  • Now, your followers can only be viewed by whom you approve on this platform.

Remove users from your following.


Sometimes, people do not desire an individual or individuals to find who they follow. However, these people follow you. In this scenario, you will need to remove their account from the list of your followers.


To remove a follower, use these points.


  • On Instagram, touch your profile photo.
  • Now click on the ‘Followers’ button on your profile.
  • Find the profile of the person you wish to hide your page from.
  • Tap the ‘Remove’ button beside their username.
  • Tap ‘Remove’ again to confirm your action.
  • Note that this procedure won’t hide your profile from someone you have removed as a follower. It will restrict their access to your followers, whom you follow on your posts and stories on Instagram.

Block users so that they cannot view your following


You cannot do much with a private page on Instagram if you aim to promote your service or account. The only option to hide followers is to block users. This won’t require you to make your account private.


You must restrict access to users manually. These users will be unable to find out whom you follow and those who follow you. Such people whom you block cannot click your follower count. They also cannot see their names.


POINT TO NOTE: The users you block or restrict access will not be able to get to your page on Instagram if they search for it. They may feel enraged by this fact. So, before blocking anyone, decide thoughtfully.


If you are ready to block users, follow these pointers.


  • Launch Instagram and head to the profile of the user you aim to block.
  • After that, touch the three dots present on the upper right.
  • Touch the ‘Block’ option.
  • The app will give you the option to block a specific page or the accounts that the user has created.
  • Choose an option and tap ‘Block.’
  • Now this user cannot find your page.
  • This option to block is also ideal if you want not to disclose your followers to a particular person or a section of users.

Use the Close Friends feature


Instagram has a Close Friends list feature that allows people to make a list containing only their closest connections on the platform. Once you create this list by adding suitable people, you can share your stories with only them and not with your entire base of followers.


The feature is useful for users who desire to share more private or personal moments with only their trusted friends. It imparts you much more control over the visibility of your content.


This feature is commonly used by average individuals and not influencers or business accounts. If you would like to create such a list, follow these steps.


  • Access your Instagram profile by touching the ‘Profile’ icon. It is at the bottom-right part.
  • On your Profile page, touch the three horizontal lines or menu icon. It is at the top-right portion.
  • Now, choose ‘Close Friends’ from the menu options.
  • If you didn’t create a list of close friends, a screen will appear explaining this feature.
  • This screen will also have a Get Started button.
  • Start adding friends to this list.
  • You can find particular people through the search bar.
  • Alternatively, use the suggestions that Instagram provides.


POINT TO NOTE: The app provides suggestions according to your previous interactions. So they can be useful in finding the users whom you really want to add in this exclusive list.


  • Once you have identified a user, touch the ‘Add’ button beside their name.
  • A green checkmark will appear next to their name, saying that they have been added to the closed friends list.
  • If you’d like to remove someone from this list, touch the ‘Remove’ button.
  • The green checkmark beside their name will disappear.


Summing up


Now your question of how to hide followers on Instagram has been fully answered. Primarily, you can employ 4 ways to disguise who you follow. Just select a method according to your account configuration and preferences. It will help you impart more privacy to your account.


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